Coal Mine Guido

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Sightseeing of Guido Coal Mine

Are you ready for the underground adventure?

You will go there with the authentic elevator (in Silesia called “shola”), the same that is used in active coal mines. The express ride in darkness takes just several dozen of seconds!


The biggest attractions of the 320 level are the large scale mining machines presented in operation and the ride in suspended electric rail. The experience at 320 level is mostly connected with exploring the development of mining technology from the end of the 19th century up to modern times.

Here you will learn how the hard work of a coal miner looks like, in what conditions the coal is mined and what mother nature can do to with the tunnels if they are not protected with support. You will go through a maze of mining excavations – at some points it will be steep and dark! Remember that the protective helmet is to be worn on the whole touristic route.

Although Guido Coal Mine stopped its coal extraction long time ago, there is still some coal left. During the tour you’ll see it at least four times, in its raw form – seams that are two meters thick.

A part of the route at 320 level will be covered with suspended electric rail. It is the only rail of this type in the world that has been made available for the tourists! It will take You to the working area of two machines, roadheader and longwall coal-cutting machine. From a very close perspective you will see how these powerful rock and coal mining machines at work.

The tour of Guido Coal Mine ends in the deepest located pub in Europe! For adults, the Pump Hall offers specialty of the house, “Guido” beer – a fantastic drink, brewed by local brewery from Gliwice, coming in two versions: lager and stout. In the Pump Hall you can also drink a cup of coffee, buy some souvenirs or try Silesian kitchen.

Needed information

The temperature below the ground is between  7- 16 degrees C  – depending on the season

  •   We recommend a proper garment (rain jacket, cape) and full footwear with flat soles

You have the right to take pictures.

After returning to Katowice, you will be taken back to the point where you started your journey.

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1 person 699 PLN 180 €
2 persons 350 PLN / persona 90 € / person
3 persons 250 PLN / person 64 € / person
4 - 8 people 199 PLN / person 51 € / person
9 or more 160 PLN / person 41 € / person

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Available languages:

Tour price includes: guide in Polish or foreign language (languages available at each tour), tickets, equipment rental needed for sightseeing, pick up and drop off service, English speaking tour leader, Katowice Map & Guide.

Entrance only with  guide after pre-booking

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