Adit Queen Louise

General information

The 1,1 km long – rafting cruise  is an amazing adventure. 40 meters under Zabrze city center. In the 19th-century, original excavation of the former Main Adit.

During the flow of boats in the very center of the city of 180,000, you will be able to meet legendary figures for Upper Silesia, such as “Treasurer” or  “Utopek”.

You will see underground ports, passages, sounds of dripping water and the unique chiaroscuro in the entire area.

Rafting with underground boats in historical Adit will surely provide unforgettable experiences.

Needed information


  • Visiting time: 2.5 hours;
  • Length of the route: approximately 2 km;
  • The temperature below the ground is 7- 16 degrees C depending on the season;
  • We recommend a proper garment (rain jacket, cape) and full footwear with flat soles.


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Tour price includes: guide in Polish or foreign language (languages available at each tour), tickets, equipment rental needed for sightseeing, pick up and drop off service, English speaking tour leader, Katowice Map & Guide.

Entrance only with  guide after pre-booking

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